Good News: Our shcool have a paper selected for ESI high-cited paper in 2019


    Dr. Wang Mo published his paper "Assessing hydrological effects and performance of low impact development practices based on future scenarios modeling" in the Journal of Cleaner Production, which was selected as an ESI high-cited paper, and belongs to the ESI subject field for engineering. This paper makes our school engineering ESI discipline in the world's top 1%, but also for the domestic Landscape Garden Science ph.D. author of the first ESI high cited paper. This paper helps our university's engineering ESI discipline ranked in the world's top 1%, and it is also the first ESI high-cited paper by the Chinese Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture. Dr. Wang Mo's research area focuses mainly on low-impact development and green infrastructure, and published 12 SCI papers, H-index: 6.



High-cited papers refer to papers ranked in the top 1% of the world in the same subject field and the same year;

Journal of Cleaner Production is the TOP journal in the first division of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with an impact factor of 5.651;

H-index refers to H papers being cited not less than H times.