[Good News] Teacher Wang Yingwen led a number of our school students won many awards in the first "Rubens Cup" National College Student Garden Art Competition in 2019


In order to test and further promote the art teaching reform and innovation of Landscape, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and other majors in our country, and strengthen the exchange of art teaching achievements, specially held the 2019 "Rubens Cup" National College Students Garden Art Competition. The competition was organized by the Education Work Committee of the Chinese Landscape and Garden Society, and jointly hosted by Landscape architecture at Beijing Forestry University and China Forestry Press. Entries are divided into art and non-art categories, covering sketching, sketching, watercolor, hand-drawn performance, comprehensive category of five types of artistic expressions.

Since the launch of the competition, it has received extensive attention. All universities in China have actively participated. Our school is also led by Teacher Wang Yingwen to participate. Under the careful guidance of Teacher Wang, the work of "Old Stuff to Sketch" by Taoyu Chen, a student of Architecture class151, won the 2nd prize in the sketch group of the competition; The work "Object with Striped Cloth" by Qiaohui Zhong, a student of class Urban Planning171, won the 3rd prize; Then Yizhe Hu, a student of Architecture class151, won the 3rd prize of the watercolor group, his watercolor work named "Yi". Taoyu Chen win the Excellence Award in the watercolor group again,the name of the work is "The Door".